The Impact Of Workplace Flu Vaccinations In Sydney, On Individuals And Corporations

Acquiring workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney is becoming ever increasingly more common in the corporate practice. The incorporation of an annual workplace flu vaccination in Sydney is a major part of human resource strategy for many corporations, and the impact of this is a healthier office environment, reduced costs concerning sick leave, increasing productivity and an ongoing operational feasibility for the office. Getting workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney also ensures that employees will obtain the flu shot, as well as ensuring those with higher exposure to the flu (employees on public transport, within the office space etc.) are protected from influenza. Furthermore, it creates a work culture that shows care for the health of the employees, and protecting business. Likewise, this will increase morale within the business, and employees will increase productivity as a result and work better.

Why are more offices introducing annual workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney?


The effect of the flu is well known and documented, and can leave an individual with a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, muscle aches and headaches. These are all debilitating symptoms to the individual, who will not be able to operate at a normal capacity, and will be significantly slower in their day to day operation. Not only this, but the individuals are contagious within the first 3-4 days of obtaining the flu, and as a result, can spread the illness to fellow co-workers. The impact that this has on the corporation is immense. The individual will likely call in sick to work and the rate of the flu means many employees may do so, and result in increased paid sick leave costs for the corporation. As a result of this, the productivity and operation of the business will falter, due to the lessened employees working, as well as those who are sick who continue to work not working well due to their illness. Furthermore, when one individual at a corporation gets sick and is contagious, it is easily spread to the other employees working and can result in a large sector of the business’s productivity being severely faltered, due to many sick employees.

What effects will workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney have on corporations?

The introduction of workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney will be a great way to show employees within the business, that the company cares for the health and safety of their workers. The distribution of workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney can demonstrate the protection of the employees from the flu. This will result in an increase in morale amongst workers during the flu season, which may seem dreary with the cold and monotonous weather. The immunity of the office through workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney will also warrant less costs taken out for sick leave, as the employees will be safeguarded from the flu season, saving the company money. By immunizing their employees, companies guarantee no period of contagiousness and will not only protect their employees and company for health risks and business falters but also the general public, as the employees will not become infected or spread the flu.

The combinations of the factors mentioned above are the driving forces as to why workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney are increasing in popularity. The workplace vaccinations in Sydney’s impact on the individual and corporations are numerous, and include reduced productivity, lowered morale, and increased spending costs on sick leave if not implemented. However, through their introduction to the corporate environment, these impacts would be eliminated, and corporations would benefit greatly from workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney.

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