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How YouTube Can Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Amid all of the social media options that are at your disposal to integrate a successful search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign, YouTube stands as one of the leading outlets for brands to tap into.

It would eventually dawn on Australia SEO services that this online video streaming program would revolutionize how people interacted with digital content, changing the way in which the commercial sector had to promote to their consumer base.

So if you understand the need to have video content on your website without knowing why that is imperative in the 2018 landscape, we will outline the benefits of accessing video streaming on your domain.

Sharing Capacity

By embedding a YouTube video on your site, you suddenly have the capacity to make branded content go viral. The sharing links that are attached to each URL makes this activity an easy and user-friendly selling point. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Messenger, Gmail, Dropbox and more, this application is a dream for digital marketing Sydney programmers hoping to obtain the widest market reach possible.

Lowering Bounce Rate

Video content is widely embraced as the most effective and efficient form of online media content to keep followers and viewers glued to your domain. YouTube is a tool to achieve those ends as digital marketing programmers have realized that the lower the bounce rate, the stronger the search engine standing of the website. Gone are the days when extensive blogs and image galleries would be enough to keep people entertained and interested when there are alternative sites that go above and beyond with their video content.

Keyword Utilization

YouTube manages to allow companies, startups, non-profits and others to integrate their keywords into the content. From the URL to the heading, the description, tags and alt-text, digital marketing professionals are able to boost the authority of their page and the individual content by hitting those benchmarks. This is a task that must be authentic and legitimate without users flooding their written content with the same keywords, so keyword utilization in this context is not only legal, but incredibly valuable to jumping up the search engine rankings.

Smartphone Integration

That ease of sharing with YouTube content is an asset that taps into the phenomenon of smartphone use. The past two years has seen more web use occur on mobile devices and with 2019 expected to see 20 million unique smartphone users just in Australia alone, the ability to deliver engaging video streaming through this app is too powerful to ignore. The modern digital marketing philosophy is designed around a mobile-first approach and YouTube is at the forefront of that thinking.

Global Reach

SEO experts are adamant that if you are a local enterprise, then you should gear all of your targeting efforts to bedding down the community in that region. That is very true, but what YouTube can allow businesses to do is to venture out and be just as viable in one location to the next. Digital marketing seldom discriminates when it comes to quantity of shares and follows, and this is a universal practice where content can be created for all demographics. Whilst some strategies can be designed with those geographic limitations consciously in mind, online video streaming opens your brand up to a whole new world.

It is rare for one single app to hold such a monopoly over once facet of digital marketing quite like YouTube has managed to achieve. This is a brand that understands its role in the sphere of SEO and it is reliant on professionals in each enterpriser to utilise this asset the way in which it was intended. Make content that is concise, user-friendly and easily sharable, and watch the results flow in.

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