A Guide On Getting The Best Pest Control Services

Ensuring that your home is safe and secure from unnecessary rodents or insects is incredibly important, especially if you have young children. The sight of a trail of ants or a scurrying rat will cause most homeowners to head straight to the phone to call up an exterminator. There are several measures you can use to ensure that you get the best pest control services from Defender Pest Control for your home, which will help prevent your home from being overrun by disgusting insects, cockroaches, termites and rodents. Let’s check out some of the best strategies available.

It all starts with prevention

One of the major disadvantages of trying to protect your home from rodents and insects is the fact that many species of cockroach become immune to various products. All those products that you can find sitting on grocery store shelves are all very effective, albeit only for a short time period. At the end of the day, the best form of defence is to prevent these unwanted guests from finding their way into your home in the first place.

Great preventative measures

cluttered home

These are some great ways to prevent insects from attacking your home, while also getting the most out of your pest control services:

  • Don’t leave food out (both during the day and overnight)
  • Empty your in-house garbage bins regularly
  • Wipe down surfaces (kitchen counters, stove tops) after every use
  • Don’t leave dishes overnight in the sink

Frequent inspections

Another great strategy to minimise an influx of insects and rodents is to frequently inspect your home. You can do this yourself; however, it is recommended that you go to a specialist firm that can offer pest control services. The reason for this is that a trained specialist knows the signs that you should be worried about. The following signs could be indicative of a rodent or insect problem in your home:

  • Cracked walls where roaches can enter
  • Window seals that have frayed or cracked
  • Cockroach or insect droppings
  • An unusual odour or smell

Where can they usually be found?

So, you’ll probably find cockroaches in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Generally, they look for warm, humid places at night because the temperature drops overnight. Rats, possums and other rodents you’ll probably find in your basement, garage or attic. Isolated occurrences are common, however, if you notice these nasties more and more frequently, there is a good chance you might have a problem.

Dealing with an infestation

If you’re only dealing with outdoor cockroaches, then a spray or pesticide will probably do the trick. Well-placed cockroach baits can also be very effective. However, if you are dealing with a stronger species of roach, like German cockroaches, then you might be in for a bit of a struggle. German cockroach infestations are hard to eliminate because they breed so quickly. You might kill 1 roach for every 5 that have been born in the process.

Thankfully, companies that offer pest control services can assist by offering ongoing support to eradicate the problem.

A breakdown of pest control services

A technician can administer high-quality pest control services via a variety of treatment mechanisms. Firstly, the inspector will likely use a cockroach gel, which is essentially mandatory for dealing with German roaches. This gel will be placed in susceptible areas (e.g. window sills, door hinges etc.). After this, your technician will use a non-repellent insecticide spray and an insecticide dust to ensure that all roaches are killed. As part of their pest control services, your technician will need to return around a month later to administer the spray and gel again. This is to break the breeding cycle and prevent further infestations.

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