Busy Light a Polite Way to Say ‘Do Not Disturb’

Busylight is an indicative signal system for showing the engaged position of persons or a machine. These products are able to match with our browser platform and give signal about the usage of video chat or any other functions. It has visual signals for showing our engaged positions and to give a do not disturb message to the visitors. Personal computer or lab top usage can be identified by using the busylight in our office. It also could be used as an engaged light for our table phone or in office space for indicating the busy position. This occupied illumination is coming with a USB connector and cable which is easy to use.


Engaged in brightness is helpful to indicate the busy position in polite way.  It could give clear indication of the different uses of computer programmes by changing its colour automatically. This gives an easy message to the colleagues or visitors that we doing that particular function and not wants to be obstructed.  

Involved in luminescence has different methods of indications, it makes sound and flash when a call is coming to our phone, this will helps to avoid missed incoming calls. Software offered along with the busylight gives speed key functions for handling the calls. Different colours like red, blue or purple is used for indicating the use of video calls and thus to avoid interruptions.  

Usually in an office atmosphere where much restriction is not implemented distractions may occur in many ways. Busy light indicators fixed on our table top system or on the cubicle door indicate the availability of us for a free chat or discussion. We could avoid the interruptions by simply fixing the busy light since it will indicate the message clearly without breaking manners. This will not only avoid unwanted elements while we work but also increase our productivity. When we are free and less interrupted we could work with less stress and strain. A stress free environment is good for better quality work without many mistakes so we could see that busy light is a better companion for our office space to improve the overall function.  

Now in the modern era people are using smart phones than fixed table phones, the busy light software enable us to identify incoming calls to avoid maximum missed calls. It gives a ringer tone and a visible notification to indicate missed calls in soft phones. The hot keys provide an option to hold up calls and make quick dialling of numbers. We could see that different smart phones work on different hard and software platforms so we need to install the software for getting the indications in all the phones in a firm. It gives signal despite of the factor our personal computer or phone is in mute position.  

Busy light implementation in offices makes the working of office more efficient and productive. We could use video calls to talk with our customers or other interested parties for our work without disturbed by anybody. Now it is an acceptable way of communication about our busy position of work.

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