The Uses and Relevance of Home Appliances

The modern world have no time to spare for the messy home management since it has been an easier task right after the development of many advanced home appliances. The exact group of people who is benefitted from this advancement of technology is the working class. They are considered to be blessed with the invention of electrical and modern appliances which save the time and energy in an incredible manner. The consummation has also increased highly which fosters the growth of sale of home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, cloth dryers, dishwashers, drying cabinets, microwave ovens, freezers, induction cookers, water heaters, instant food cooking machines like sandwich makers, roti makers etc..

Although these developments of home appliances benefit the people in different ways, there are some disadvantages of the same attached with the merits. Advantages and the disadvantages of the home appliances are noted below:


Modern working class has less time to spend for the home management. Thus, the time can be saved by using electrical gadgets. Like by using washing machine with drying facility help in saving time, energy, as well as space. The people who live in small apartments in the cities are suffering from the limited area they have got. The appliances like washing machines, induction cookers and mixers are boons which can be used for multi purposes.


Since the lifestyle of people has changed with the introduction of electrical appliances which only need limited manual exertion, the physical fitness of common people has also reduced detrimentally. The major cause of ailments and health issues is the extreme dependence on benefits of the modern home appliances. In fact the refrigerated food, replacement of brooms and mops with machines and many such benefits can lead to a passive lifestyle which later acts as a silent killer.

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